For the first time in forever…

For the first time in forever…

If fall term is an appetizer and winter break a long daddy lecture at the dining table so everyone stops eating, then winter term is this hot pot that you eat some of the same things in appetizer but they are boiled, and you eat new ingredients. Alright that’s a weird metaphor (maybe because I ate too much hot pot back in China during break…Oh my lamb meat slices in spicy hot pot! Definitely going to cook myself a hot pot this term.) However, the general idea is that you meet friends again, start to check emails 10 times a day, goes to dining hall for food-hunting but everything is so familiar and well-cooked this time, meanwhile you take new classes, meet new people, start a new project…

So those sounds pretty much like a normal beginning of the second term of college…but I am abnormal hahaha… and I would like to share some of my “first times”:

On my trip back to Carleton, I was by myself and had to stay at Ft Worth Airport for a night. The night was chill due to the rain and air-conditioner. There were police cars outside the airport and I saw reflections of the police car lights. The airport was almost empty and the only store —Starbucks —closed at 8pm… Luckily, I found a restaurant that runs until midnight and spent my night eating, reading and taking a nap there.

After midnight, I went back to the airport open area and stayed awake watching The Disappearance Of Haruhi Suzumiya which reminded me of my secondary school life and I became indulged in memory.

That airport night was actually pretty safe, but being in the situation I felt potential threat and tightened my nerves. I would consider it a good prologue for 2017 as well as winter term.

Back at Carleton, I found that the weather is not as cold as I imagined. In fact, it is only a little bit more windy than Beijing and just the perfect weather to see a beautiful snow world. This morning, though, I had a new weather experience: due to the wind, my eyes generated tears and when I blinked my eyes the tears stayed on my eyelashes as they would be in every other weather condition. But due to the special case in Minnesota, the tear actually became ice! Which is a good strategy to keep people happy: they don’t dare to cry as their eyelashes will freeze and then they are eyelashes-less~

I am ready and looking forward to my first week of class! I will share my academic experience next week as I am going to take many different classes!

Rosa is an international freshman who wants to major in science, but she also enjoys learning social science and art. She loves ultimate frisbee, watercolor painting and dogs. She hasn’t visited most places on campus yet, but she has already fallen in love with Goodsell Observatory, and she secretly wants to sneak into one of the astronomy lab classes. Read on to meet the rest of our bloggers.

A view from LDC breakfast

Beautiful Northfield

Leaving Beijing (the smog is terrible!)

One night in Dallas Ft. Worth’s airport

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